Meet Wala

Meet Wala

Wala came to the UK from Yemen in 2011 and in the same year gave birth to her daughter. Initially Wala was on income support but moved to job seekers allowance when her daughter turned 5. After her daughter started school, Wala started to think about going back to work and as a first step decided to study English.


Wala thought it would be hard to find employment as a single parent with no experience of working in the UK and even more so when she was looking for a job that fitted around her daughter. Wala signed up to Love London Working and worked with her advisor Rob Cantwell to make changes to her CV. Rob helped Wala consider roles which would best suit her circumstances and after considering options, decided that she wanted to work in a school.


A role then came up with Chartwells through our employer opportunities team. Chartwells is a school catering company which provides school meals in the London Borough of Lewisham. Wala attended a number of training courses at the Hawthorn Centre including First Aid, Health and Safety and Food Hygiene which enabled Wala to gain a better understanding of the school catering role. Wala also attended an interview techniques workshop and got the  chance to practice her new found skills in a mock interview prior to meeting Chartwells. Clarion also  paid for her daughter to attend after school club whilst her mother attended the courses.


Wala was successful in obtaining the role with Chartwells and is now working 16 hours in a local primary school.  ‘I am very happy to be working in a school setting as it fits well into my personal circumstances’.

When asked what have been the biggest benefits of working Wala answered “My confidence has increased as a result of working, just to say I’m working makes me feel better about myself”. Wala also added “I would advise anyone out of work to join LLW as it has been life changing


Well done Wala!





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