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About us

Love London Working aims to recruit 28,000 unemployed and economically inactive Londoners and place 8,000 into employment.

Love London Working is a partnership of 9 housing associations based in London seeking to progress those in long-term unemployment and economic inactivity into work. The programme has successfully supported 19,500 customers and helped over 6,000 into employment over 3 years from 2016.

The partnership have extensive presence in many of the most deprived communities in London, communities with significantly higher than average concentrations of people with disabilities, single parents, those from minority ethnic communities and those over 50 and not working. They will use this unique reach to engage participants in a journey to work that begins with an individual assessment followed by guidance throughout a programme of proven support models addressing each participants’ barriers to work.

Our aim

Love London Working aims to recruit 28,000 unemployed and economically inactive Londoners and place 8,000 into employment. The programme is funded jointly by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the 9 delivery partners.

What do we do

Participants will be engaged directly under the Love London Working programme through the network of relationships the partners have with local organisations in deprived areas, such as mental health trusts, schools and community centres.

To reduce barriers to employment and enable full access to participation in the project, participants will receive counselling and support related to mental health and family issues, health and lifestyle advice and well-being.

Why become a partner?

Becoming a partner will mean joining 9 other partner organisations who have built relationships amongst communities and have helped make a difference residents lives. Partners support each other throughout the programme and regularly meet up to share good news stories, best practice and ideas.

Becoming a part of The Love London programme will mean joining a successful programme that provides a social purpose.

Become a partner

Are you looking for a job?

If you are searching for a job the Love London Working team will be able to support you. No matter how long you have been unemployed for or what barriers you may be facing such as health, disability or single parenthood – our team is here to assist you.

Love London Working is a training and employment programme that aims to help anyone over the age of 16 years living in London into employment.

We offer a range of support including training opportunities, financial support and help developing key skills such IT. In addition to this we provide support with CV writing, job applications and interview practice.

Please note that to be eligible to register, you must be;

  • over the age of 16
  • live in London
  • be unemployed
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