Sakina is profoundly deaf and required help finding work. Hear from Sakina how Love London Working helped her into employment.


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Love London Working is an exciting new training and employment programme to help unemployed people over the age of 16 into work. No matter how long you’ve been out of a job or what barriers to work you may be facing, our team can assist you.

Our success stories

Read our success stories and find out how we've helped people back into work and training

Meet Julie

'Working with Esther was so easy, we went through my CV and it was fantastic compared to what I had before ... I found looking for work difficult and challenging but Esther didn't see it as a problem'

Julie studied at the University of Greenwich on an Education Studies program to try and kickstart her career in teaching. Unfortunately, she missed out on passing the exam and did not know how she would be able to continue to pursue this career path. She then attended the Cotmandene Centre in St. Mary's Cray, where Love London Working advisor Esther runs weekly sessions. They went through her CV and worked on how it could be improved and Esther also helped with her applications for jobs to make her stand out. After a number of applications and interviews, Julie secured a job working at a local Monsuri school. She is now looking forward to what the future will bring in her teaching career.  


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Meet Sakina

'Being deaf does not prevent me from working. Love London Working has helped me develop my skills.'

Sakina is profoundly deaf and required help finding work. Struggling with confidence, Sakina was given one to one support to help develop her skills which included building the perfect CV and interview skills practice. In addition Sakina was awarded the opportunity to attend a customer service course, where she developed skills in communicating with customers which helped further in building her confidence to equip her for the workplace.

Sakina shared that being deaf does not prevent her from working. She has a voice and wants to prove to the world that the deaf are not silent. With the help of her Love London Working advisor, Lionne, she has now secured employment as a stock room assistant in the department store Debenhams.

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Meet Brandon

I think this is brilliant. I was petrified at first, but now when I look back, I laugh at how nervous I was.

Brandon Burgher | Love London Working - Success StoriesBrandon is 16, with autistic tendencies and ADHD. He lives in a single parent household with his mother and sister. Brandon struggled at school, and as a result, underachieved at GCSE level. When Brandon enrolled on to the Love London Working programme, he was extremely shy, very nervous, and reluctant to speak.  He was accompanied by his grandfather, and was happy for him to speak on his behalf. After attending a series of one to one sessions with the Employment Skills Advisor (ESA), Brandon’s confidence began to grow with both the ESA, and the surroundings. They discussed both work and apprenticeships, and Brandon decided that the best route for him was to go straight into employment. In order to further develop Brandon’s confidence, and to motivate him to be independent, the ESA encouraged Brandon to attend Love London Working sessions without his grandfather. This was a major step for Brandon, and he was very proud when he came to the centre without his grandfather, for the first time. A further appointment was made for Brandon to attend job search sessions and interview skills. Brandon continued to grow in confidence and with support from the Love London Working team, gained an interview with Iceland Supermarket, and was subsequently employed as a Sales Assistant. During the follow up interview, Brandon said: “I think this is brilliant, and a really good way to meet people.  After three weeks I was put on the tills, and although I was really nervous, I was surprised that I could do it.  I was petrified when I first came to Love London Working, but now I realise that if more people came, they would be more confident and gain skills to get a job.  I’m so happy at Iceland, that now when I look back, I laugh at how nervous I was.

Interested in registering with Love London Working? Looking to find out more information about the programme and how we can help you?

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Meet Anna

I was so intrigued and decided to come along. I enjoyed everything about today.

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Meet Joynul

"The team there were good as they pushed me to do new things that I hadn't done before"

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Meet Victoria

“I was desperate to stop relying on benefits. Now I have my own money and I am taking control."

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Meet Jan

'I really appreciate the support I received, right up to when I signed the contract for my new job, and beyond'

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Meet Jamie

It’s been really useful learning in a multi-trade environment.

Jamie - Love London WorkingSouthern Housing Group helped Love London Working candidate Jamie get ready for a new career in multi-trade construction, through a traineeship with Breyer Group. Jamie, 22, spent four weeks with Breyer Group. He worked alongside Breyer operatives undertaking responsive works in customers’ homes and communal areas, including roof tiling, plastering, felt roofing, and other repair work. He said: “My experience included a good mixture of everything. Sometimes I had the chance to work on my own, especially when a job involved bricklaying principles, which I’d had experience with. “My day began around 8am when we’d be sent an overview of all the jobs needed to be done that day, and go through any particular issues. I’d then be assigned someone to work with for the day, and we’d work our way through each job according to location. “It’s been really useful learning in a multi-trade environment. I’d never done roofing before, which was probably the trickiest part because there’s a lot of health and safety involved. I once had to get onto four story high scaffolding which was shaky at first, but it definitely improved my fear of heights! “I really enjoyed my role – sometimes a bit too much! – because I like moving around a lot, being in a different environment, and doing different things. One day I plan to own my own house, so being able to fix things myself will come in really handy. “I would advise people to take any traineeship opportunities they can get. Most places are looking for experienced candidates and they want you to be able to show that you’re committed, and my time with Breyer has definitely helped me with that.” Jamie is currently applying for a full time, multi-trade role with Breyer, and should hear back soon if he’s successful. Regardless of the outcome, the Love London Working team will be on hand to help him find the right role.

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