Ready 2 Interview Workshop

Our Ready 2 Interview course is designed to help Love London Working customers improve their interview skills. Whether you have an interview coming up, if you are low on confidence, or maybe you would just like to brush up on your technique, Ready 2 Interview can help you. The course will cover all aspects of the interview process such as interview techniques, preparing for the interview and you’ll even take part in a mock interview.

We want to make sure that you leave feeling confident about all aspects of the interview process. Over the course of workshop, we will go through the following with you.

  1. Telephone Interview – Before the course even starts you will receive a phone call from one of our trained advisors. That call initially asks the resident to state the industry that they are looking for work in.  A 15 minute telephone interview will then take place, during which the advisor will be asking you sector specific questions and be assessing how you do. This is so that they know what areas they will need to focus on more
  2. Email Test – We will send you a quick email, as this is what an employer is likely to do. Make sure you reply to this!
  3. The Training – The training takes place over one day and looks at all aspects of the interview process from preparation through to answering questions and how to end an interview. The day is comprised of individual and group workshops, different speakers, real examples, pitfalls and best practise.
  4. The Interview – The following day the you will be asked back for a 45 minute interview to test your skills and to practise what you have learnt from the training. There is an interview panel of three people who ask 12 specific questions.
  5. The Feedback – After the two day event all you will receive detailed feedback from the whole experience. The feedback is broken down across the above four areas and highlights all of the areas that the you will need to work on to help secure that job offer.

If you are interested in taking part in our Ready 2 Interview course, then please enter your details below and we’ll get in touch with you regarding a date.


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