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MyTime Active

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Who are MyTime Active?

As a social enterprise with charitable objectives, Mytime Active invests in a range of projects and services to meet the needs of our diverse local communities.

They run lifestyle preventative health services across the UK, including child and adult weight management, Stop Smoking, Health Trainers and NHS Health Checks.

Our leisure centres in the London Borough of Bromley offer swimming, gym facilities, ten pin bowling and much more.

Who are Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton is one of the world’s largest professional services network of independent accounting and consulting member firms which providing dynamic organisations to unlock their potential for growth.

Over the last three years Grant Thornton are the fastest growing large accounting organisation and are constantly evolving and developing alongside their clients.



Who are Caremark?

Caremark is an established and highly regarded home care provider offering domiciliary care, personal support, home help and companionship services.
Our work focuses on caring individually for people like you or your loved one, in the way that you would wish – with personalised, professional services, provided in a friendly, helpful and considerate way.





How do MyTime Active work with Love London Working?

MyTime Active work directly with Love London Working to offer regular work and apprenticeship opportunities throughout their leisure centres.

If you are interested in health and fitness or would like to get into office based roles such as admin or marketing, then MyTime Active can offer you a solution.




How do Grant Thornton Work with Love London Working?

Grant Thornton have worked with Love London Working to give our customers an opportunity to know what it is like to work at or be interviewed at one of the world’s largest and most prestigious accounting firms.

Our Ready2Interview session attendees received first-hand experience within the interview environment.  Love London Working were given the opportunity to visit Grant Thornton’s London office where Grant Thornton employees volunteered their time to help unemployed and economically inactive residents find sustainable employment, increase confidence and help them to cope with the pressure of interview.

How do Caremark Work with Love London Working?


Caremark partner with Love London Working to offer opportunities for people looking to work in the care industry.

With their 5 care homes based around Bromley and Orpington, you find a job that is local to you and doing something that really makes a difference.




MyTime Active Website  Grant Thornton Website  Caremark Website

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