Meet Aishah

Aishah started on the Love London Working programme in February 2018 after finishing college and not knowing where to turn next. She was referred to the programme by Yasmeen who is also works on Love London Working. Yasmeen and Aishah’s mother are friends.

Aishah came in for her first appointment and discussed her goals, she was prescribed a short course of interventions to tackle her immediate barriers such as CV, interview skills training and job search support. An apprenticeship was identified as the likely route for her into work due to her lack of experience.

A couple of weeks after joining the programme the A2Dominion apprenticeships were advertised and Aishah was informed and consulted on which ones were the most suitable for her. She agreed to apply for 2 of them, a sales and lettings negotiator and a procurement assistant role. Aishah was aided with creating a supporting statement for jobs. She was shortlisted for both jobs but was successful with the procurement role which was her preferred role.

Aishah started in April and is based in an Ealing office once a week which means she runs into the Love London Working staff often. She has mentioned how much she is enjoying the job a few times so far.

Aishah’s comment on Love London Working

‘Love London Working has aided me in so many ways – they got me back on my feet & helped me find a job! I’m so grateful to Elias & LLW for giving me the confidence I needed.’



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