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See how Love London Working is already affecting the lives of people looking to get into work. Meet some our customers who have been on the Love London Working programme already and see how it has helped get them into work.

Meet Daniel

Daniel hadn’t worked for over 2 years due to disability, lack of confidence and a reserved & shy demeanour. Daniel did not have an up to date CV and the last interview Daniel had was two years ago and he needed support with interview techniques and he also lacked training and qualifications.


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Meet Aileen

Aileen took time out of work to raise her son as a single parent, as a result of this Aileen found it hard when it came to finding work as she did not have an up to date CV. Aileen then came to Love London Working and met with advisor Olabisi who discussed career options with her and what would be suitable considering her childcare responsibilities.


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Meet Raymond

Raymond, who suffers with anxiety and depression is 63 years old and has been out of work for 44 years with his last job being when he was 19 years old. After working with employment support services in the past and getting nowhere Raymond began feeling disheartened when it came to chances of employment.


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Meet Dilwar

“Before I discovered Love London Working, I wasn’t doing much, I wasn’t that ambitious and didn’t have the desire to go into work straight away. I was socialising a lot more than I was looking for jobs, until one day I discovered a Poplar HARCA Employment & Training leaflet in my building and decided to pop into their office and see where it would lead me.”

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Meet Wala

Wala thought it would be hard to find employment as a single parent with no experience of working in the UK and even more so when she was looking for a job that fitted around her daughter. Wala signed up to Love London Working and worked with her advisor Rob Cantwell.


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Meet Mark

Mark had been working at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group ( RBS) for some time before taking voluntary redundancy. He was then on thesearch for part-time employment and was referred from the Bromley job centre to the love London working programme where he met his advisor Keisha!

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Meet Aishah

Aishah started on the Love London Working programme in February 2018 after finishing college and not knowing where to turn next. She was referred to the programme by Yasmeen who is also works on Love London Working.

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Meet Arezou

When Arezou first arrived she was keen to find herself a job, so she attended job fairs and handed out CV’s to numerous companies with no luck finding a job. Arezou then attended the London Job Show in Westfield’s where she discovered Love London Working and after talking to staff she decided to register as she knew we could help her!

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Meet Sue 

Sue worked as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school for 10 years. She has a range of disabilities including diabetes. Unfortunately her employer was unsympathetic to her health issues and her job became a toxic place to work. After 4 years of abuse Sue decided to finally leave her job.


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Meet Shaqueele

Shaqueele had been out of work for over a year after deciding he wanted a career change but he felt his CV and experience held him back from a large number of jobs. Hopefully Shaqueele’s partner who is a Hexagon resident told him about the Love London Working programme.

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Meet Chris 

Chris struggled with job applications when trying to find a career due to his dyslexia. He came to Love London Working and met with our advisor Summer who helped him to apply and start his career.

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Meet AndreaMeet Andrea | Love London Working

Andrea, a single mother struggled to find work which accommodated her circumstances. Before becoming a mother Andrea was studying to become an accountant but due to personal circumstances she was unable to compete the course. Upon joining Love Love Working Andrea expressed that she wanted to find a job that would give her the experience to start her career as an accountant .

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Meet Kenneth

Kenneth was unemployed for over 12 years after being made redundant from his previous employer. Struggling to find work and someone to help him in his circumstance Kenneth was then referred to Love London Working where he met his advisor Godfred.

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Meet Amin

Amin Case Study ImageAmin Ebyan is an A2Dominion resident who was out of work for nearly a year when he heard about the Love London Working project from Elias Osman during a conversation in the Ealing Office reception.

Amin was keen to get back into work and registered for the programme.

Read Amin’s Story

Meet Marie

Before I started on the Love London Working programme, I had just finished a 2 year media course. I was trying to get into admin but had no experience and didn’t know how to go about it.

I heard about the programme through my mother who as a resident was already engaged with A2Dominion. I was invited for a meeting with one of the advisors Elias Osman who spoke with me about how the programme could be of benefit to me.

Read Marie’s Story

Meet Hannah

Before starting on the Love London Working  programme, Hannah was unemployed, on benefits and unsuccessful with jobs that she applied for.

Hannah was referred to the Love London Working by her housing officer at A2Dominion as she had fallen behind on rent and utitlity bills which lead to a build up of arrears.

Read Hannah’s Story

Meet Neil

Neil found it hard to disclose his disability with employers and has found it hard to find a job that suits him and works around his disability. When he joined the Love London Working programme he felt more open to talk to employers about his barriers. He is now and FA qualified football coach. Congratulations Neil!

Read Neil’s Story

Meet Carol

Carol felt that “a whole new world of opportunity” has been opened up to her since she joined Love London Working. She felt very low about her career prospects while claiming JSA and struggling to find work. She now works at one of the UK’s leading specialist transport service providers – HATS.

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Meet Foloshade

Foloshade struggled to get into work after falling ill, she felt rock bottom and never thought she would work again. Her advisor Esther gave her the confidence that she needed to find a job that she absolutely loves. She now works at as an NHS phlebotomist.

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Meet Suleiman

WebsiteFeatureImageSuleiman was out of work for a little while before he found out about the Love London Working programme. This started to make him feel down and think that nothing was going to go right. Suleiman felt that he instantly had a connection with his advisor, Josh, and this really helped build up his confidence. Suleiman now has a job as an admin assistant at Love London Working partner, AmicusHorizon.

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Veronica 1920Meet Veronica

Veronica felt that her age was a considerable barrier to her getting back into work which made her feel very down, but her advisor Dennis did not think this was an issue. After receiving some training, Veronica got the job she was after.

Watch Veronicas’s Story

Meet Lisa

Lisa hadn’t worked in 14 years after looking after her young children. She struggled with finding work and had very little confidence herself. Her advisor Rob offered her a work placement at Love London Working, which helped Lisa on the way to her new job.

Watch Lisa’s Story

SebMeet Seb

Seb was struggling to find employment until he met Janine at a jobs fair in Bromley. She helped him secure a work placement where he managed to gain the skills required to be offered a full-time role.

Read Seb’s Story

JulieMeet Julie

Julie studied to be a teacher but unfortunately just missed out on the passing mark. She was low on confidence and did not know how she was going to continue to pursue her teaching career. Love London Working advisor Esther helped her secure a role working at a local school.

Watch Julie’s Story


Meet Nancy

Nancy Kiaku, a 36-year-old job-seeker originally from Congo, has been taken on as a catering worker as part of the Love London Working programme in partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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Jamie - LLLWMeet Jamie

Jamie came to Love London Working not really knowing what he wanted to do or how he could gain the skills to find employment. His adivsor helped him secure a 4 week placement in the Multi-trade industry with the Breyer’s group.

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Meet SakinaSakina Image

Sakina is profoundly deaf and required help finding work. She had little confidence and needed help updating her CV and interview practice.
She shared that being deaf does not prevent her from working. With the help of her Love London Working advisor, Lionnie, she has secured employment.

Watch Sakina’s Story

Brandon Burgher V3Meet Brandon

Brandon, 16 with autistic tendencies and ADHD, struggled at school and as a result underachieved at GCSE level. After attending a series of one to one sessions including interview skills and job searching he developed confidence and secured employment.

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AnnaMeet Anna

After being out of work for some time, Anna lost some of her confidence, and struggled to find employment in a field that she loved. Anna heard about the Love London Working programme and decided to get in touch with the team to find out how she could get back into work.

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Untitled-1Meet Nicole

After her temporary contract at a local charity came to an end, Nicole struggled to find work. The Love London Working team at Hyde supported her to gain the skills to find a job as an employment advisor.

Read Nicole’s Story

Meet Victoriavictoriahyde

Victoria was living at home with her two-year old daughter and began having money problems after her housing benefits were delayed. She wanted to get into work so that she did not have to rely on benefits. With the help of Love London Working, she secured a job in administration.

Read Victoria’s Story

Joynul-minMeet Joynul

After graduating from university, Joynul found it hard to find a job as he did not have much workplace experience. Love London Working provided him with the necessary skills to gain a job he now enjoys.

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Jan LucaMeet Jan

Jan’s barriers to getting a job left him with little confidence on trying to find a career. With the help of Love London Working, he managed to secure a job in hospitality.

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Meet Natasha

Natasha had been out of the job market for a little while and was unsure of her skills or what sort of job she would be able to do. She seeked advice from Love London Working who helped her secure a new job that she loves.

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