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How to: Create History Reports on LLW Database

We have had a few partners requesting how to pull reports from the database with details of customer outcomes. We refer to these as ‘history’ reports, but on the database, they are called ‘events’. Please watch the simple guide below which explains exactly how you can do this.

If you are still having any issues with creating History reports, please contact

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Q & A’s

There is no definitive guidance on who we can and can’t use as a third party organisation. The expectation was that they would be not for profit or charitable organisations. Other housing associations are allowed.

Originally the GLA only wanted evidence that someone who was economically inactive had changed benefit to JSA and/or become actively seeking employment by registering with JCP. We argued this was not feasible or likely. The result of this was we were also allowed to evidence job search through showing that we had referred a participant on to a third party organisation who would be able to declare that this individual was now seeking and available for employment. You cannot claim this outcome until they have left the programme so you are not expected to provide any ongoing support through LLW after this point.

There has been no guidance stating that we can’t accept a referral from a partner and then refer back to them for them to evidence that they are now job searching.

You would exit them from the programme with some form of recorded intervention. As part of that you would expect to detail why that participant is now considered to be unemployed as opposed to economically inactive and I would expect you to annotate in that intervention that they are no longer on LLW but that third party organisation will continue to provide support in their continued search for work.Finally that organisation provides you with a signed declaration that that participant is now available for and actively seeking employment.

Finally that organisation provides you with a signed declaration that that participant is now available for and actively seeking employment.

Basic Skills only relates to Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL. The guidance states that a beneficiary should have no level of qualification in one of these areas to be eligible for support in that area. In the return to date the GLA have queried why we have customers registered as eligible for basic skills support but with a highest qualification level of 1 or above. We have outlined circumstances (particularly with ESOL) where customers can have qualifications in some disciplines but still have no qualification in Numeracy, Literacy or ESOL.

You cannot claim a basic skills outcome for I.T.

These may not necessarily get completed by all leavers, but we need to aim to get most completed by those we get into work. We will also need to evidence that we have asked leavers to complete this. We encourage partners to complete an evaluation at other times in the programme as well to help increase sample size and hopefully positive feedback.

Partner Suggestions

If you have any suggestions that you feel may benefit Love London Working or any other partners, however broad it may be, you can submit it here.

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