Help with bills

How your bill is made up:


  • The Unit Cost

Gas and electricity is sold in units called kilowatt-hours (kWh) and the price of these units varies from supplier to supplier.

Unit cost x the number of units you’ve used = the cost of the fuel you’ve used.

(this is the only bit of your bill that you have control over from month to month: the more energy you use, the more you will pay)

  • Standing Charge

There will be a standing charge each day for your gas and electricity. This is unavoidable and covers the cost of administration, your meter, supplying the energy to your home and the upkeep of pipes and cables.


  • Discounts

Depending on who you get your energy from, if you have both your gas and electricity from the same supplier, you may get a discount – this is sometimes referred to as being a ‘duel fuel’ customer. You may also get a discount if you pay by direct debit or a discount for prompt payment.


If you are in receipt of benefits, you may be entitled to the Warm Homes Discount – a one of payment by your supplier of £140 towards your electricity bill. Please contact your supplier to find out more information about whether you qualify and when you can apply.


  • Add-ons

Some suppliers add money onto your bill if you have opted for paper billing rather than getting your bills and statements online. Request digital billing only to save money.


  • VAT

This is charged at a rate fixed by the government. It is currently charged at 5%, which is less than you pay for on other goods and services.


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