Meet Sue

“I was so low… it was enough and then along came Rachel”


Sue worked as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school for 10 years. She has a range of disabilities including diabetes. Unfortunately her employer was unsympathetic to her health issues and her job became a toxic place to work. After 4 years of abuse Sue decided to finally leave her job.

When Sue started applying for new jobs she encountered a number of problems as her previous employer denied she had ever worked for the company which was a massive barrier for perspective employers. Sue began to feel low and depressed as the situation she was trying to get away from was still causing her problems.

Sue decided she wanted a career change but soon found her skills were limited and wanted to broaden them. Sue was then referred to Love London Working advisor, Rachel, by one of Southern Housing Groups Financial Skills Officers.

Sue was keen to develop her computer skills. Rachel signposted her to a computing course with Learning Direct which Sue registered with and as a result received her ECDL Level 2 qualification.

Rachel helped Sue produce a CV, write cover letters and practice mock interviews. After 3 years of being out of work Sue successfully applied for a 6 month placement with Southern Housing as an Admin Assistant working in the local community centre. Sue successfully completed her placement and is now working permanently as an Admin Assistant alongside colleague, Adela, at Southern Housing Group.

Sue added:

“Rachel was constantly there as a backup for me”
“Really great, really supportive, wish more people were like this”


*for confidentially reasons, this person has chosen for their image not to be used.

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