Meet Natasha

‘Today my dreams have come true … I would never be where I am now if it wasn’t for you and your team’

ASML_Resident_86_Natasha from East London referred herself to Circle Housing Association after seeing an advertisement in the local paper. She had been out of work for a little while to look after family members as a non-registered carer.

She came to us as she was unsure of what she wanted to do, unsure of her skills or how she could compete in the job market. Natasha was ineligible for benefits and struggling financially, her partner was earning above the threshold but not enough for both of them to be stable.

We started off by helping her complete an action plan, identifying some key strengths and then goals for her to achieve. We then helped with her CV and provided her with support around identifying specific skills that would be useful in an office environment.

We placed her into an ECDL IT course with our IT Training project, which she started to do a couple times a week with additional 1-1 support from our tutor.
Around this time, the Circle Housing Income Team were looking for a volunteer to help them with admin work. Natasha thought this would be good to gain some experience and to build her confidence, so started an ongoing placements for 2 days a week. She also continued with her IT training and 1-1 support with our employment adviser. We also paid her expenses for travel and lunch, which helped make it easier for her to manage especially on the very tight budget she was on

During the placement, an opportunity for a Housing Assistant at Circle Housing arose. The experience she had gained from her placement with our Income Team meant she felt confident enough to apply. She had an excellent interview and secured the position to start in September 2016.

Natasha said: “I would like to give you a special thank you for helping me make all this happen, I truly am grateful for all you have done to help me with my C.V. and getting my foot in the door. I would never be where I am now if it wasn’t for you and your team and I have never felt so happy and relieved that I can now start looking towards a much brighter future. Today my dreams have come true and it’s all thanks to you”


*for confidentially reasons, this person has chosen for their image not to be used.


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