Meet Jan

‘I really appreciate the support I received, right up to when I signed the contract for my new job, and beyond’

SJanouthern Housing Group customer Jan Luca lives in Newham and was struggling to find a full-time job. He faced several barriers to employment including a lack of education and experience, and transport issues. He had previously worked as a kitchen assistant, but was made redundant after the company he worked for failed to secure funding.

Southern Housing Group’s Senior Employment Skills Offer, Minaz Uddin, worked with Jan to increase his confidence and put him on the right track to getting a job he enjoys.

Minaz said: “Jan is forward-thinking and has a great deal of drive, ambition, and ability. He has a strong team-working instinct and his organisational skills are excellent. He lacked confidence in his abilities, but his confidence quickly grew, particularly after we practiced his interview skills.”

Jan has always had a keen interest in the hospitality industry, and Minaz helped him apply for a role as a kitchen assistant at Pret a Manger. This a process included group and formal interviews and at each stage, Minaz was on hand to support and coach Jan.

Jan was successful with his application and says he loves being part of an organisation that puts the customer first.

Jan said: “Minaz helped me realise how much I was underselling myself. With his help, I was soon getting interviews. I really appreciate how much ongoing support I received, right up to when I signed the contract for my new job, and beyond.”

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