Meet Jamie

It’s been really useful learning in a multi-trade environment.

Jamie - Love London WorkingSouthern Housing Group helped Love London Working candidate Jamie get ready for a new career in multi-trade construction, through a traineeship with Breyer Group.

Jamie, 22, spent four weeks with Breyer Group. He worked alongside Breyer operatives undertaking responsive works in customers’ homes and communal areas, including roof tiling, plastering, felt roofing, and other repair work.

He said:

“My experience included a good mixture of everything. Sometimes I had the chance to work on my own, especially when a job involved bricklaying principles, which I’d had experience with.

“My day began around 8am when we’d be sent an overview of all the jobs needed to be done that day, and go through any particular issues. I’d then be assigned someone to work with for the day, and we’d work our way through each job according to location.

“It’s been really useful learning in a multi-trade environment. I’d never done roofing before, which was probably the trickiest part because there’s a lot of health and safety involved. I once had to get onto four story high scaffolding which was shaky at first, but it definitely improved my fear of heights!

“I really enjoyed my role – sometimes a bit too much! – because I like moving around a lot, being in a different environment, and doing different things. One day I plan to own my own house, so being able to fix things myself will come in really handy.

“I would advise people to take any traineeship opportunities they can get. Most places are looking for experienced candidates and they want you to be able to show that you’re committed, and my time with Breyer has definitely helped me with that.”

Jamie is currently applying for a full time, multi-trade role with Breyer, and should hear back soon if he’s successful. Regardless of the outcome, the Love London Working team will be on hand to help him find the right role.

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