Meet Dilwar

Before Love London Working

“Before I discovered Love London Working, I wasn’t doing much, I wasn’t that ambitious and didn’t have the desire to go into work straight away. I was socialising a lot more than I was looking for jobs, until one day I discovered a Poplar HARCA Employment & Training leaflet in my building and decided to pop into their office and see where it would lead me.”

Whilst working with Love London Working

“I was slightly nervous to start off with, but when I met the staff members here they made me feel very comfortable. My employment advisor, Aktar, helped me draw out my career plans whilst Riaz, my support worker and mentor, helped me through my journey of success on the Love London Working project. Whilst at Poplar HARCA, I took part in their NHS pre-apprenticeship programme and gained 3 qualifications, which boosted my confidence in learning and gaining new life skills. Afterwards, I sat down with Riaz and decided that the NHS wasn’t the right route for me, instead I was interested in working for a security firm. So then, Riaz spoke to his contacts and found out that there was a free security SIA training based in Hackney. Riaz guided me and encouraged me to complete my intensive training. Towards the end of the training there was an assessment and I was slightly nervous, but I was reassured by Riaz to go ahead and give it all I’ve got, so I did and passed my exams and qualified as a Door Supervisor. I knew my work here wasn’t done because afterwards, with the new skills I’ve obtained, Riaz updated my CV and we were applying to jobs together. In the end, I managed to successfully secure a job as a Security Officer for T.S.S LTD Company and am very grateful for all the support!

How I Feel Now

“Right now, I feel that I am in a much better place than before, I feel I have tackled all the obstacles in my way and become a changed man. Thanks to all who have supported me from the Poplar HARCA Employment & Training team.”

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