Meet Arezou

Arezou first came to the UK in September 2017 after living in Iran, also spending time studying in Germany. When Arezou first arrived she was keen to find herself a job, so she attended job fairs and handed out CV’s to numerous companies with no luck finding a job. Arezou then attended the London Job Show in Westfield’s where she discovered Love London Working and after talking to staff she decided to register as she knew we could help her!

Arezou was then matched with a local advisor which was Hexagon’s Lionne who talked Arezou through what support we could offer her, her first task was to help Arezou change the format of her CV so it was easy to read for employers. Lionne showed Arezou how to write a cover letter so she could really sell herself to potential employers! Lionne also practiced mock interviews with Arezou so she could prepare and gave her constant feedback on how she could improve on her answers. When Arezou wasn’t with Lionne at face to face appointments there was constant support via email and regular check-ups to see how Arezou was getting on with the job search.

After 3-4 months Lionne informed Arezou about a temporary admin position which had arisen within Hexagon working in the stock improvement department. Arezou was successful and started the admin position and after only two months gained a full time position working in responsive repairs Arezou said ‘I was only given this chance in Hexagon’.

Having entered Hexagon as a full time employee, Arezou was informed by Lionne about an upcoming online business admin course with Learning Curve which Arezou grabbed by the horns, stating ‘I was really keen to learn’. She was then given the opportunity to attend a one day workshop on how to deal with challenging complaints as her line manager thought this would be relevant, displaying her determination for role.

7 months on Arezou is still in her position and loving her job, learning new things everyday with Arezou saying ‘I am learning to deal with all different kinds of people’.

Congratulations and well done Arezou!

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