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I was so intrigued and decided to come along. I enjoyed everything about today.

AnnaAnna worked for a fashion company for over 14 years creating and designing menswear. She really enjoyed her time and found it very fulfilling as fashion is something she is very passionate about. At the time Anna was a mother of two small children and struggled to juggle both work and family life and decided to leave to spend more time with her children and look after her father who took ill.

After being out of work for some time, Anna lost some of her confidence, and struggled to find employment in a field that she loved. Anna heard about the Love London Working programme and decided to get in touch with the team to find out how she could get back into work. An advisor identified her love for the arts, and passion for creating clothing and jewellery. With this in mind Anna was put forward to attend an open day lead by Haringey social enterprise ‘Fashion Enter’.

Anna spent the day learning about how the organisation is run and the different areas of the ‘Fashion Enter’ factory, while also demonstrating her experience by way of the sewing machines. Impressed with her skill and knowledge of sewing, Fashion Capital Director, Jenny Holloway asked Anna to attend an interview to become a teacher at the Fashion Enter Stitching Academy.

“I love to create things, it comes from my family. We all do things with our hands, builders, decorators and designers. Fashion is what I love the most. I was so intrigued and decided to come along. I enjoyed everything about today, walking around the factory and seeing the team and I was offered an interview, which was unexpected. Hopefully I will be able to teach new students what I have learnt.”

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