Meet Aileen

Aileen took time out of work to raise her son as a single parent, as a result of this Aileen found it hard when it came to finding work as she did not have an up to date CV. Aileen then came to Love London Working and met with advisor Olabisi who discussed career options with her and what would be suitable considering her childcare responsibilities.

Olabisi worked with Aileen to help build up her confidence and complete job applications. As a result of this support Aileen was offered a role as a support worker but unfortunately after some time they could not offer enough hours to sustain her household, so Olabisi began to help Aileen look for something else whilst she was still in her role.


Aileen was then offered a new role as Learning Rep with a company called Lifeway’s who support Adults with disabilities. Aileen was really anxious and concerned about taking this new role, as she was worried about how she would travel to work and look after her son, We were able to put in a Rework grant for her and got 4 weeks’ worth of travel and some Love2Shop vouchers to help her buy some essentials.


All was going well for Aileen in her new role until she was invited for an interview for a job she had previously applied for at Wimbledon College as a Learning Coordinator. She was successful in obtaining the role and started work there in January.


Aileen had this to say regarding Olabisi:

“Anyone who comes under her wings will instantly feel motivated and inspired of achieving something better for themselves. Olabisi is passionate about her work and seeing progress in people’s lives in general. Thank you Olabisi for believing in me. “

Congratulations Aileen!






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