Mobile Cleaning Roles


To assist in the provision of an efficient and effective mobile cleaning service to establishments.

Emptying waste bins or similar receptacles, transporting waste materials to designated collection points.
Sweeping floors with brushes or dust control mops.
Mopping floors with wet or damp mops.
Suction cleaning carpeted areas and spot cleaning carpets.
Using electrically powered scrubbing/polishing machines to burnish, scrub, polish and spray clean floors (after receiving proper instruction and training).
Using electrically powered pick up machines.
To dust, damp wipe, wash or polish furniture, ledges, window sills, external surfaces of:- cupboards, radiators, shelves and fitments.
To replenish consumable items (soap, toilet rolls, paper towels) if required within the contract.
To clean toilets, urinals, hand basins and sinks, baths, showers and drinking fountains.
To use such chemical agents as directed by the supervising officer in discharge of cleaning operations or maintenance procedures (after receiving proper instruction and training).
To undertake wall washing or inside window pane cleaning to a height no greater than body height plus an arm’s extension from floor level, during periodic cleaning maintenance programmes.
Cleaners employed in domestic science areas are required to clean cookers and work surface areas.
To work to the required site specifications.

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