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Frequently Asked Questions

You can access our find jobs page here.
Search for jobs within your local area and apply.

You can access our find training page here.
Enter the information in the boxes and our tool will find the right training for you.

You can go to our eligibility page which has the criteria for anyone who wants to come on the programme.


The Love London Working programme will have no affect on your benefits while you are working with us.


Group activities are a part of being on the programme. Group activities are a vital part of building up your confidence so we can get you into work. However, we will be offering one to one support with our employment support officers.

As part of the support we will offer with the programme, we will help you in every way to prepare you for getting into work. This includes support sessions for help building and improving your CV.

The Love London Working programme is specifically designed to give you all the tools and resources to best prepare you for getting into work. We will provide you with the right training, support and guidance that you will need to land you a great job.


You do not have to be a resident of the partner housing associations. You just need to live in London. If you are unsure about whether you can apply, find out if you are eligible here.


The great thing about Love London Working is that it’s not a mandatory work programme. We will work around your time and your schedule. You are not obligated to attend weekly meetings, however we would like to see you as often as possible to ensure you receive the best support. If you are unable to attend a meeting, let us know, and we’ll reschedule.


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