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Meet Victoria

“I was desperate to stop relying on benefits. Now I have my own money and I am taking control.”

Victoria's story

Victoria and her two-year old daughter have lived in a Hyde property in Greenwich for just over a year. Last year, Victoria began having money troubles and was in rent arrears after her housing benefit payments were delayed. She needed to get into work to help manage her problems, so she was referred to Hyde’s Love London Working advisor, Raffaella.

When Victoria met with Raffaella they started looking for jobs in her chosen field, administration. They also looked through ways in which she would be able to improve her chances of gaining employment, so she attended a careers fair in Stockwell and also went on an interview training course to brush up on her skills. She was also offered three months work experience working with Hyde.

Victoria managed to find someone to look after her daughter and went on the work placement three days each week. While on the placement, they continued looking for jobs. After applying for some jobs, she managed to successfully secure a job working in the administration team at Hyde.

She is now very happy in her role working in reception at one of Hyde’s offices, greeting residents, dealing with repair requests, rent payment, parking permits and a variety of other tasks.

“I feel so accomplished in my new job,” Victoria said.

She also said. “I was desperate to stop relying on benefits. Now I have my own money and I am taking control.

My job at Hyde has given me the experience I need to further myself. Right now I am planning to go back to finish my last year at university. What’s great is that I can take the skills I’ve developed through work to use in my course. I’m studying for an Accounting and Finance degree – one day I’d like to make a career for myself in finance.

“If anyone is considering using the Love London Working programme to help them back into work I would thoroughly recommend it. I was really impressed that the Love London Working team at Hyde wanted to help to make me the best person I am. They offered me so much – helping with lunches, transport and childcare. They made it easy for me to do this without making me stressed. It made the world of difference.”