Pret a Manger – Rising Star Programme

Gain experience in one of the biggest hospitality and catering food chains in the UK with a paid work placement.

Do you have a knack for customer services?
Are you an ex offender or been homeless in the past?
Would like to get into a job but don’t feel ready and would like hands on support?

  • A three month paid work placement
  • Free travel for the length of your placement.
  • Interview upon completion.
  • One to One mentoring and support.
  • Confidential counselling service.
  • Training to improve your skills in your role.


About the programme

If someone doesn’t have a fixed address, it’s very difficult to get a bank account and if you have no bank account, it is difficult to get a job. If, in the past, a person has been in prison and has a criminal record, it exaggerates the problem. It is a cruel catch-22 situation. In an effort to help break this cycle, we work with apprentices who have lived on the streets or have a criminal record – people who are finding it hard, for whatever reason, to catch a break. We let them start with a clean slate.

Making a difference

Pret a Manger has offered over 350 places since the scheme first started, to ex-offenders and those who have found themselves living on the streets. We give them access to accommodation, a clothing allowance, mentoring, counselling and training so they can get a job within the Pret business. Over two thirds have graduated and become full-time team members – in shops and in their offices. Pret are incredibly proud of the apprenticeship scheme and are always delighted when an apprentice graduates and moves on with their life.

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