11 Steps to The Perfect CV

You’ve seen the perfect job advertised and you want to apply, but you don’t feel your CV perfect. If you follow these 11 simple steps, you can ensure that your CV is noticed by the employer.
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    Think about the verbal presentation, use your own words as you are the expert about yourself.
  2. Tell the truth
    Never tell blatant lies on your CV as many companies will check the facts. And if they don’t, it’s likely you’ll get caught out at the interview stage instead.
  3. Be concise
    Use bullet points, short sentences, phrases and paragraphs. Do not use too many adjectives and save the detail for the interview
  4. Keep a consistent style
    Describe job responsibilities in the same style to maintain consistency.
  5. Avoid abbreviations and jargon
    Don’t assume that the reviewer will understand abbreviations and jargon. Spell out the terms and ensure that they will make sense to someone outside of the sector
  6. Keep it simple
    Make sure that there is plenty of white space between information and do not use boxes. Lower case is much easier to read than capitals and be consistent with the typeface
  7. Length of CV
    Keep it to no more than 2 pages at the most.
  8. Emphasis on the left hand side
    We read from left to right – therefore place job titles on the left and dates on the right.
  9. Ensure it is mistake free
    Do a final spell check, proofread it and get someone else to review your CV before sending it off. This will highlight any errors, grammar mistakes or missing information.
  10. Tailor it
    Take the time to adapt your CV to each role you apply for. Research the company and use the job ad to gauge exactly which skills you should signpost and which aren’t so relevant
  11. Sell, sell, sell
    Be positive and shout about your achievements and attributes!

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